Charles Albert Whitcombe (Professional Golfer), 1895 – 1978

Ryder Cup

Charles albert whitcombe was a talented professional golfer who achieved success in many major golfing events around the world.

Charles was born in a small coastal village called Berrow, near the town Burnham-on-Sea, in the county of Somerset, South West England. He was was second oldest of three brothers who were all born in a cottage next to the local Church, which is situated practically in the middle of Burnham & Berrow golf course (which opened officially in 1891).

Not much is known about his early life, but all three boys were clearly influenced by the golf course because all of them went on to play professionally, winning many major titles between them.

Charles’s golfing career spanned nearly 20 years, Achievements included, winning the PGA Matchplay Championship, the Irish Open, and being selected player captain three times for the Ryder Cup – a prestigious bi-annual event between Europe and the US. He also had many notable high profile close finishes against the world’s golfing legends of the time.

There are three portraits of Charles Albert Whitcombe in the National Portrait Gallery, which were taken by Bassano studios, opened by renowned photographer Alexander Bassano in 1850, in Regents Street, London, before moving to Old Bond Street in 1876. Charles also appears in many golf books about golding legends.

His farther was Albert Whitcombe, Mother Bessie Whitcombe (born Mullins), and two brothers Ernest (older) and Reg (younger). He married Hilda Whitcombe (born Lane) and they had one son, Eddie Whitcombe.

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