Philip Arthur Whitcombe (first-class cricketer), 1923-2015

first-class cricketer who studied at Winchester College and was a captain in the royal horse artillery.

Born in Kensington, London Philip Arthur Whitcombe studied at Winchester College (a prestigious independent boarding school in Hampshire, established in 1382). Along with most men and women of this age, Philip was conscripted into for National Service and served as a Captain in the Royal Horse Artillery. He also worked in India at P&O as a shipping agent.

He had a distinguished first-class cricket career, playing for the Oxford University team initially and later Free Foresters. Whilst serving in India he met his wife-to-be, Rosemary, who was daughter of Lord John Colville, 1st Baron Clydesmuir (and the last Governor of Bombay). They had a son and daughter.

Philip’s farther was Major-General Philip Sidney Whitcombe, who also played first-class cricket whilst serving in India. His grand farther was Robert Whitcombe, Bishop of Colchester (b.1893 d.1989)

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